Pleasure being an Indian..Jai Hind!!

Getting up early with flags fluttering in the windows of the school buses Long preparations for the Republic Day Parade The tough battle between students of each houses I still cherish those memories from the school days Today when I look the parade on television with Obama as the guest in India My state's presentation... Continue Reading →


Lagging behind during class lectures

This is very common with me when my professor dictates notes in the class and I lag behind because of my speed and then when I ask my friend who sits next to me, I make her miss the next line what he speaks. And then I laugh at my stupidness and lack of attentiveness... Continue Reading →


My mind is not at Peace as the life which I dream is far apart to be believed. Resting my head to the wall behind me, my hopelessness desires and waits for the right opportunity to be clicked. My words are sufficient to mold the one I think but to balance thy walk, both our... Continue Reading →

A day without gadget!

You can never imagine your day without using gadget. Technologies these days have accustomed us with so many daily facilities that you cannot think of having spent a day without them. Here's an example of few daily life happenings you cannot live without. Mobile phones Have you ever thought about going a day without calling... Continue Reading →

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