New Year at hospital

When the world is rejoicing and dancing on beats
I can see family of the patients wailing
Patients from all over the world are hear in front of my eyes
Covering their face in the mask behind
Waiting in queue for their application to be quick
Prolonged is the time for those waiting outside OT’s
For sure walls of the hospitals may


have heard prayers more than that of temples
I pray for God’s grace in my rein
The smile which you see is not because of happiness
But their steady control on the marks over their brows
Hence do not curse yourself if you didn’t party late night,
There are people who don’t even remember their last meal which they took relaxing whole time


One thought on “New Year at hospital

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  1. You know this, its just we feel like everything is alright, but at the same time there are hell lot of people suffering from some or other things that you dont even know.


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