Girls girls girls- A note from a boy’s side

Girls girls girls!!!
They take time dressing up and are mostly late when are supposed to come on time.

This one is a small incident of my life where waiting for her is task of my daily life.
Whenever we planned to meet at some place, I always reached early and waited for. In most of the cases its metro where I looked for my girl and direct her on call to the way where I was. Sometimes on platform 1 and sometimes near the escalator, I saw her coming from the front setting her hairs with one hand and talking on phone with the other. The weight of her so called ‘tote’ bag is intolerable as she says but she needed the complete luggage to carry along whole day(I still chanter each and every girly accessory name when she tells me one).
She came and hugged me we went for our time together.


It was a day again, when we planned to meet at Warehouse Cafe, luckily she reached early and started ringing on my number. It was raining heavily and my auto got punctured. I took another and reached her with drenched hairs. She frowned at me punching my stomach. I still smiled and apologized for coming late, stupid her she never notices me when I wait as I never had any glitches to tag along for coming late.


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