Season Admission for kindergarten in Delhi

The season has arrived when parents are struggling hard to make their ward enrolled in one of the best schools of Delhi.
The little kids who are yet to start their journey of education were supposed to go under the interviews along with their parents being interviewed but lets thank our government who has eliminated this rule of interviews now.


What if an auto wala bhaiya wanted to make his child study from a convent school, will he be able to qualify his interview as compared to a modern parent who work in MNC?
The answer is No as the preference would not be given to him

Amending rule and regulations have been an important part in government’s schemes.
At least a burden was reduced from many of the parents.

The next issue is lucky draw, when parents are spending thousands of money filling the school forms of KG’s still the final result is dependent on the lucky draw of the school and then further procedures take place.

The bigger the city, the bigger the problems. I never saw this kind of problem in my city. Delhi is the capital of our country how can it have such a major problem where parents having money in their pockets cannot enroll their kids in the desired best school.


Whats the reason behind?
Are the schools lacking with the education system which parents desire for or the grooming is just done by few and rest are hyped for sure?
We should think on it as our world’s future lies in the hands of these kids.


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