A day without gadget!

You can never imagine your day without using gadget. Technologies these days have accustomed us with so many daily facilities that you cannot think of having spent a day without them.


Here’s an example of few daily life happenings you cannot live without.
Mobile phones
Have you ever thought about going a day without calling anyone? Whether it’s a 5-second call or longs to chatter going on.
You cannot skip the mode of reaching the one person easily rather than waiting for him or her to come in front of you as you never know when will it be happening that he/she is present in front of you.


Whatsapping has been the quickest way to catch all the members of a group together at one place.
Sharing your momentarily feelings all around the world to the people whom you want to share. It can be your favourite picture, song, video clip or any audio file. Just click it and your action is shared.


If you are into your professional life then you cannot stay away from your e-mail inbox. You are always online with your data on to receive and send mails to your client and boss.

Therefore a day without gadget is na na na!!!


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