My experience with street girls Part 2

The moment I slapped her, she went few steps away from me and started bitching.
All kinds of vulgar she could speak, and the best one was “Ja tu age ja kar mar jaegi, ye meri baddua hai” ( “You will die on your way home today,that’s my curse wish for you”)!

And I was like who the hell teaches her all these?
They know very well how to culprit the mind of people and earn money from them.


We must have always heard beggars asking for money for which they will help us with their blessings. But I never met with such a case where someone curses you if you do not listen them.

Haha The Indian society do believes on swearing and myths like the person will die if you swear about him and speak lie but is it true?

Absolutely not, if this would have been true then I would have not been present here to write this post.
So be practical and act smart, logically with mind.


One thought on “My experience with street girls Part 2

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  1. Seriously its a kind of thing which acts as an curse to the Indian society, And let me tell you its only based in India, More specificaly these things are like profession for them, if you ask them whether they study or not they will say no, And if you ask them Would they want help for that , they will just say you to give them money for that moment only, rest everything will be just like that.

    they want money for small time fun,


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