My experience with Street girls

I was sitting with my friends having tea at Connaught Place.
I felt a hand touching my feat, I stood up asking her to move back, a 12 years girls was pleading to buy pens . She was after me and I was like why is she forcing again when I already denied two of her sisters before who were selling the same pens.

These girls were selling pen in groups and stuck like chewing gum. They ran after people in the same choking voices to have the biscuit packets or cold drink fountains if anyone drank it in front of them.


May be they are going through the bad phase of their life but I do not appreciate those girls following you wherever you go. After all you cannot force anyone to give you money in return.

Back to me, who was denying continuously to that girl to leave.
The girl was dirtily dressed up with 4 dot pens in her hand. Scratching her messed up hairs with one hand and having pens in other.
She was coming more closer to me and pushing me again and again with chocking voices to buy those pens.

I was really not feeling to buy them not because I didn’t had money but because I was not feeling like buying forcibly and the way she was treating everyone else and me. I never even give money to begging children. You never know who is the person behind that activity.

Finally the girl who was pushing herself on me started touching and pulling my strand of hairs and my momentarily reaction was I slapped right on her face, not looking at her innocent age but the way she was dealing everyone certainly made me feel that she is much polished in her game.

My post regarding this is to all those NGO’s and government who show off that they are helping poor and needy. So please just have a visit to the Connaught Place of our India’s Capital indeed.


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