Rose Day Special

First day of the valentines week comes to an end now. Where millions of people declared their love in the form of yellow,red and white roses , the singles were feeling awkward looking at the happy couples.


I do not know whether they envy couples or not but who on the earth doesn’t want love. Its a bond full of joy and fights at every end which makes the bond stronger than before.

Red for Love while Yellow for Friendship
The string should be attached till the end ship
I am happy to have you in stream of my life
The one who holds my mood of all times
Thou might assure me for miles to walk together
But I have thought of even holding your hands while I am idle
Fragrance of rose is ever so signified
Like our love which is heavenly divine


For all the hearts who wish to speak up on this day,May be this little poem can help you in any way



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