Cricket has been life for people throughout the world. The undying love for cricket makes people (Men Specially) beat all their daily tiring knocks of the day. Nowadays when they reach home after school, college and offices, something important is being missed. As when it was the duration of ICC World Cup 2015, the latest happenings on the pitch kept them busy with new topics to share with friends where discussion started over the cup of tea and lasted till the whats app group at night after the match ended. Criticizing the cricketers the way they bat and bowl didn’t leave fans to applaud and scream aloud. Students are stuck with television during their exams and this creates turbulence at home when board results are out as since skipping matches are not their job. Big round of applause to them who can tackle their thirst by skipping the matches.

As far as my daily life is concerned, I always ended up fighting with my brother for changing the channel of television. “How can anyone just be stick to the same channel day and night repeating for one or two months? But cricket fans will criticize me if I shifted from the topic chosen above. “Mauka Mauka Song” was being enchanter every day by cricket lovers as if it added spice to their daily talks. Finally Australia bragging the world cup title of 2015 beating New Zealand , the co host country brought a dignified life when their players returned. But we Indians ended up blaming the girlfriends of our top cricketers as the reason of our loss. Days came and pass but the discussions made over tea stalls and Joggers Park will remain when cricket fever is on. Nothing to worry upon as one season changes the other comes with their glory and hitches. The ending of ICC world cup caught the fans with the heading IPL season the next month. Indian Premiere League, popularly known as “India ka Tyohar” brings numerous joys when cricketers from other nations play together in one team rejoicing and dancing on pitch.


The colleagues of contending states can bring a revolt if you are working together in office premises. Jokes apart from all the dances on hits of sixes and wickets, you sleep late night after the procession followed at the end of the match. But now when everything is over, you end up changing the TV channels for something that can make you sit and eat your dinner at night. The tea time is just left with having your tea and watching stupid news in your cafeteria which earlier was the centre spot with no place to even stand. Your cricket time is replaced by either reading magazines or the latest movies released nearby. And if you still have time left over then you can complete your pending work which was kept on hold even after your mother stopped reminding you again and again.


The missing feel keeps you awake scrolling the whats app group and talking to your family on dining table. Mr. Srinivasan(President- BCCI) said that 50 overs of match can inspire and attract a new generation of followers to the game, let’s see how many new Tendulkars and  Afridis can make their space.  Well as quoted above regarding seasons, here comes a new series of  England Vs New Zealand and India Vs Bangladesh this June.  STAY CALM AND WATCH CRICKET…oops a person who watches cricket cannot stay calm and do that.


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