Reading at Night…

Have you ever found yourself getting up from the bed late night and releasing you missed something?

In case it must be one of the important tasks from your daily journal which you were unable to fulfil. The hectic schedule made you skip that work or your low memory didn’t allow you to take a step forward in that direction.

Earlier I used to wake up from the evil dreams which I saw and then the later haunted feel that didn’t allow me to sleep back. I was accustomed to a habit of reading a little every time when sleep played with me.
Mostly stardom columns in the newspapers as nobody really wants to read crime news and accidents published in the newspaper. This reading later became a part of my life as I always wanted to have something new and grasp a new horizon through letters scripted on paper. So that’s how I started this habit of reading and now when I skip it someday due to tiring work whole day, my mind wakes for a couple of pages in the form of articles, novels, blog posts, etc.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Reading.



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