Which product do you use for your baby’s skin? Is it an imported one or home made?

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur

I don’t know whether you are a working professional, home maker or a single father/mother, all I know is if you have a baby, you may do anything at your reach and try to bring things beyond your limits for taking care of your new born. The essence of soft hands and genuine smile may make your day end without being tired, that’s how a little one creates a magic to your soul.


There may be absolutely numerous questions in your mind related to body care and healthcare of your baby.

 So what special product do you use for your baby’s skin?

Indian Products or Imported Products?

Do you prepare a homemade product of your Grand ma’s diary? (Just a second, do you have time to prepare that?)

The answer is No, in today’s era its quite tough to prepare those natural oils and lotions which are healthy and non artificial for your baby’s new born skin.

I have a solution for you with all my researches and study, Dabur Baby Massage Oil. This product can reduce your confusion in choosing the best massage oil for your baby.

 The benefit that a baby’s skin has because of the natural ingredients in this oil is none to second. Since you want to ensure that your baby’s development of muscles is good, you can trust Dabur Baby Massage Oil blindly. The reason this oil, enriched with goodness of Olive & Almond oils, helps in faster bone formation and muscle building. The essence of Olive Oil is not just for consuming for good health, it also nourishes the skin and provides the natural strength to the bones and makes the tendons strong.

Since your little baby will take care of you after 20 years down the line, make sure you do a kick start in his/her nourishment. Olive Oil alone can darken your baby’s skin as told by researcher and that’s the reason why Dabur came up with Olive and Almond Oil to complete the whole package of body building. Almond oil is one of the essential oils for baby’s skin, as we cannot prefer the lose oil or local brand for taking risk. You can rely on Dabur Baby Massage Oil for your baby and forget the artificial oils and colours that are used in the preparation of baby products. Thus, try Dabur as it has been trusted since 1884.

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur


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