Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’- Slurpilicous Milk

White is the colour which Mr. Mehra’s daughter(neighbour), Suhani liked. Princess Suhani used to have white colour water bottle, pencil box, lunch box and school bag during school.
The 10 year old was fussy regarding her food habits, so is with every growing child who is more fond of fast food and rather than home made dipped in ghee.

There was a time when Suhani gulped her bottle of milk when she was very small but gradually as she grew, her hatred towards that white colour milk couldn’t be resolved. Mrs. and Mr. Mehra were worried about her little daughter whose diet was insufficient without milk. None of the added flavours and supplements could be made her gulp that single cup of milk.

Every morning Mrs. Mehra was tired by running after her with that little cup of milk. Since no positive response came up, Mrs. Mehra saw one more advertisement on Television which she wanted to try and add one more in the queue in order to make her daughter have milk.

Kellogg’s Chocos which had the grains and carbohydrates needed for one’s body along with the yummy choco flavour which dissolved in milk and extinguishing the smell of milk.
The Kellogg’s Chocos was also available in different shapes like Stars and Moons which definitely attracted kids.


Next morning Suhani was given Chocos in breakfast, she ate all the chocos hurriedly leaving milk behind. Mrs. Mehra warned her to have that milk before she could discontinue giving her chocos everyday. Suhani after making many faces drank the milk present in the bowl. There after, she started finishing her bowl completely and Mehra family was then relieved.


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