Responsible Tourism

Tourism has paved the way for strong relations not just in India but foreign nations too. The urge to travel and experience new cultures, climates and traditions has supported the economical conditions of one’s nation. There is a quote beautifully said -” If travelling would have been free, you shall never see me again”, there are a lot of travellers who prefer going on vacations to set their minds free from the monotonous lives. By travellers here I mean” Potential Travellers “, who pay planning the entire round trip of the family. All they need to do is take few measures for a healthy responsible tourism.

“I am blogging for #ResponsibleTourism activity by Outlook Traveller in association with BlogAdda

  • Respect the local people’s customs, believes and religion who have to earn their living working hard

Do not insult any vendor for pennies or mere things as we all are trying hard to earn our living. The religion and communities should not be embarrassed or humiliated by making fun, however amusing it may seem to you. Please hold on your laughter and criticism.

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  • Do not pollute the ambiance by littering

Use of dustbins and carrying polythene bags in trains/buses will help to collect the wrappers (chips, biscuits, toffees, etc) along the way. Dump these bags into  dustbin once you get down from the trains/buses. No Drinking/Smoking at public places.

  • Do not scribble the monuments

Scribbling monuments with names and absurd things will degrade their value as well as it will make your country ashamed in front of foreigners.


  • Do not pollute the environment(Air, Water and Noise majorly)

Do not honk unnecessarily it disturbs the natural environment and people nearby. Prefer big capacity vehicles in place of many two seated-four seated cars for less hazardous emissions.


  • Do not appreciate buying things that are made by killing/hurting animals

Souvenirs are memories as well as gits or the ones you love. Do not buy things that hurt animals. Poaching is unlawful.


  • Do not tease animals

Do not try to instigate wild animals in zoo or sanctuary. You may control your feelings once imagining yourself in the same situation as them. Wild life sactuaries are not secure, teasing may lead you to danger.


  • Prefer Havelis and Houses which are turned into lodges and hotels rather than multi star Hotels

This will avoid deforestation for building new hotels and control the amount of emissions from drainage and chimneys. Lodges might seem uncomfortable but the cosiness and security will make your feel cherish able.


“I am blogging for #ResponsibleTourism activity by Outlook Traveller in association with BlogAdda



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