An accident with my weaknesses

One fine morning I received a call from recruiter for telephonic round and the next series of questions continued with my strengths & weaknesses. I had answers for my strengths but then became numb when I really started thinking about my weaknesses.

“Whether I am short tempered or impatient?

Whether I was shy or straight?  ”

I have never been really asked about my weaknesses entire life, Yes I did learnt about it that we should always be prepared about these types of questions when I was in school but situations never raised like this before.

Since there always is a first time, my ultimate reply at that moment was I can be straight or blunt at times when the work is not done on time but the recruiter was keen regarding a proper tangible answer from my side as he thought being blunt If the work is not done on time is not at all a weakness.

I went into a deep thinking zone later if my family or friends were my weakness but then my heat replied “No”.  My temperance while facing different situations of my life never made me fall apart. With the grace of God, I have always been firmed with my patience level to let the black clouds pass away whatever the situation has been.

I never give up nor I lose hope so does that mean, I do not have any weakness?

My heart smiled later that what type of girl I am who neither fear cockroaches nor insects. My other girlfriends always shrieked at the top of their voices whenever the name lizard came while chit chatting or any insect crawled inside our classrooms. They had to face a realm of awkwardness when they thought about crawling insects but I never felt that.

We should always fight for the characteristics that are making us weak and make it as our strength. We should always work upon it without losing hope and learn new ways to face it. And through this we get the reason why “ Khatron ke Khiladi” inspires the participants to win the battle facing their weakness.

Now that I stated exploring most of the sectors regarding my weaknesses, I have still not got my answer to satisfy my soul but my search is still on. Therefore I would still suggest everyone to look upon your weaknesses and start working on it and I will keep on searching mine in the mean while.


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