Religions that holds you with your soul

The world is a place of sacred Gods and ancient historical monuments holding their followers together.

I have been to many religious places in my life and I am passionate to explore all the religious monuments existing on this earth. It would be like an odyssey, which teaches me the influence of religion on mankind. In today’s era, religion has become a subject of eminence. Although, every single religion has fetched their followers together for a good act. My intentions are counting for the historical stories and culture practised by these followers up till now.


Coming up from a pious land Varanasi, India, I am aware that the destinations of pilgrimage never get short of. However, I believe one day, my peregrination would come to an end. I am quite passionate about the role played by ancient Gods and Goddesses, who have enlightened the minds of common people to hold their soul and work for good cause. In a study postulated by World Tourism Organisation, it was found that around 330 million pilgrims visit the sacred sites every year. Hence, it is the purity of the innocent hearts, who believe in God and visit their homes for mental peace and relaxation. Similarly, my heart rekindles the joy of my life once I look people with their utmost faith for making their wish come true.


I have aspired for a sally that leads me through the doors, which was once crossed by the ancient Gods in the world. The teachings of the Prophets, Buddha, Greek Gods and renowned saints have developed an urge within me to explore the surroundings and culture related to them. The faith based on these cultures and religious values have cherished my goal to capture the historical stories in the album of my life. I have never judged a mythology or practices which is actually a blind faith in God. But, since I cannot change the minds of every single person, I am looking for opportunities to explore all the myths and customs making people blind and write my book on it. I have faith in my God, that one day my dream will come true and the world will come to know about every small or big places practising religious customs with utmost faith and sacredness. Thus, it’s a true saying that ‘not everyone who wander is lost’.


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