Tracking Expenses – The Good Way 👌

Do you know how much do you spend every month? Do you know your monthly limit (budget)? Or you unknowingly spend from your monthly expenditure & savings both? Try the app ' ET Money '


I believe it would have been pretty good if I would be able to recall my good memories of 2015 on 1st Jan 2016 altogether. Since it's never too late, lets give a try to hold on your good memories of 2K16. Happy Holidays and a very fruitful new year ahead. Komawo... Ertiqua Posted from... Continue Reading →

Which product do you use for your baby’s skin? Is it an imported one or home made?

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur“ I don’t know whether you are a working professional, home maker or a single father/mother, all I know is if you have a baby, you may do anything at your reach and try to bring things beyond your limits for taking care of your new born.... Continue Reading →

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