GST in Automobile Industry of India

The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) is expected to stimulate the India’s growth. It has been discussed that GST is a simplified tax system to apply a single tax system, which was distributed in multiple sections earlier.

I can ( A woman’s thought)

I can buy my own things since I earn I can visit  market alone since I drive I can make friends since I am jolly I can study further since I am intellectual I can cook since I like my own recipe I can fight since I have the guts to stand against wrong I... Continue Reading →

These eyes..

These eyes which I see in the mirror right now are filled with numerous questions.. Every morning I cover them with liner and kajal and get ready for office. Leaving family behind to fulfil my dream. Sometimes the day goes burdened with office files. And at times disappointing for the family when I am late.... Continue Reading →

Reading at Night…

Have you ever found yourself getting up from the bed late night and releasing you missed something? In case it must be one of the important tasks from your daily journal which you were unable to fulfil. The hectic schedule made you skip that work or your low memory didn't allow you to take a... Continue Reading →

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