Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’- Slurpilicous Milk

White is the colour which Mr. Mehra's daughter(neighbour), Suhani liked. Princess Suhani used to have white colour water bottle, pencil box, lunch box and school bag during school. The 10 year old was fussy regarding her food habits, so is with every growing child who is more fond of fast food and rather than home... Continue Reading →


Which product do you use for your baby’s skin? Is it an imported one or home made?

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur“ I don’t know whether you are a working professional, home maker or a single father/mother, all I know is if you have a baby, you may do anything at your reach and try to bring things beyond your limits for taking care of your new born.... Continue Reading →

These eyes..

These eyes which I see in the mirror right now are filled with numerous questions.. Every morning I cover them with liner and kajal and get ready for office. Leaving family behind to fulfil my dream. Sometimes the day goes burdened with office files. And at times disappointing for the family when I am late.... Continue Reading →

Reading at Night…

Have you ever found yourself getting up from the bed late night and releasing you missed something? In case it must be one of the important tasks from your daily journal which you were unable to fulfil. The hectic schedule made you skip that work or your low memory didn't allow you to take a... Continue Reading →


Cricket has been life for people throughout the world. The undying love for cricket makes people (Men Specially) beat all their daily tiring knocks of the day. Nowadays when they reach home after school, college and offices, something important is being missed. As when it was the duration of ICC World Cup 2015, the latest... Continue Reading →

Mind’s strategic alliances

Our mind plays a key role while taking decision. At times you make mistake after going along with your instincts but then repetition of same will depict your carelessness. I would say that our mind's strategies depends on the way grasp and learn so you should be active with your senses open to learn more... Continue Reading →

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